Understanding the costs associated with keeping a betta fish is crucial for responsible pet ownership.

In this guide, we meticulously calculated the expenses associated with maintaining a thriving aquatic habitat for your betta friend. We'll break down the expenses involved in providing a healthy environment for your betta companion.

Bullet Points

Initial Setup Costs

Cost of the fish itself

The journey begins with selecting the right betta fish. Prices can vary based on factors such as color, tail type, and breeder reputation, with bettas typically ranging from $5 to $50.

Choosing the right aquarium

Investing in a suitable aquarium is vital. We recommend a minimum of a 5-gallon tank for bettas, which can cost between $15 to $25, providing ample space for swimming and exploration.

Explore our betta fish tank guide for insights into optimal tank sizes and setups.

Equipment and decorations

Setting up your betta's home involves additional costs for essentials like a heater ($10 to $20), filter ($15 to $30), substrate ($10 to $20) and decorations ($5 to 20$). Decorations not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to your betta's well-being.

If you count all this, then for this fully equipped house for Betta Fish you will have to pay from 50$ to 100$.

On the other hand, for a minimal aquarium you can do without a filter (you can find more information in the article about whether it is possible to keep Betta fish without a filter) and save on decorations, as a result of which the price will vary from 35$ to 50$.

Warning! This is a very relative price that depends on many factors such as your region and availability.

Ongoing Expenses

Betta fish food

Nutrition plays a vital role in your betta's health. Opt for betta pellets ($2 to $5 per month) and occasional treats. Check our feeding and proper portions guide to keep your betta vibrant and energetic.

Water testing

Consistent water quality is paramount. Monthly testing helps identify issues early on. In cases of imbalances, investing in water treatments ($3 to $6 per month) becomes necessary.

Summarizing the Costs

Summing up the initial and ongoing expenses provides a comprehensive view of the total cost of keeping a betta fish, averaging between $70 to $150 for the first month and $10 to $15 per month thereafter. Understanding these costs empowers you to budget effectively for your aquatic companion.

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