Siamese Fighting Fish is a captivating specie that has captured the hearts of fish enthusiasts worldwide.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into Betta Fish species that have blue variations and other things you need to know about Blue Betta Fish!

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General Information about Blue Betta Fish

Blue Betta fish are a great option for aquarium beginners. Here are key facts about these captivating fish:

  • Name: Siamese Fighting Fish
  • Species: Betta Smaragdina, Betta Splendens
  • Price: 10$ - 50$
  • Care: Beginner-friendly
  • Lifespan: Approximately 3 years
  • Tank Size: Minimum of 3 gallons for a single fish
  • Food: Carnivorous diet
  • Compatibility: Best kept alone or in pairs
  • Temperament: Known for territorial behavior

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Blue Bettas with our video, featuring their stunning beauty and essential care tips.

Varieties of Blue Betta Fish

Blue Betta Fish can be found in various species, most common and available are Betta Smaragdina and Betta Splendens. However, for the sake of simplicity in this article, we will refer to them as 'Blue Betta Fish'.

Blue Betta Fish Cost and Availability

Their price can change based on things like their type, color, and how old they are.

Availability is generally good, making it easy for enthusiasts to add these beautiful fish to their collections.

Care for Blue Bettas

Diet and Feeding Habits

Proper nutrition is vital for the health of Blue Betta Fish. Their diet should include a mix of live and frozen foods, along with high-quality betta pellets. Establish a feeding schedule and practice portion control to prevent overfeeding, which can lead to health issues.

Tank for the Betta fish

It's essential to house them in a tank with a minimum size of 3 gallons.

In addition it's important to pay attention to lighting preferences, as these fish prefer subdued lighting over bright, direct light.

To create shaded areas and offer hiding spots, decorate the tank with suitable plants and decorations.

Important! Keep a close eye on water conditions, including pH levels, general hardness, and carbonate hardness, and perform regular water changes to maintain stable and healthy water quality.

Specialized Care

Blue Betta Fish, like any pet, may encounter health issues. If you notice signs of illness, such as changes in behavior or physical appearance, consider consulting a vet with expertise in fish care.

Behavior and Temperament

Understanding the aggressive behavior of Blue Betta Fish is crucial for their well-being. Males, in particular, are known for their territoriality and may engage in aggressive interactions, especially if kept in close proximity to other males.

Always provide ample space and keep an eye on their behavior to prevent conflicts.

Betta Fish Tankmates

When considering tankmates for your Blue Betta Fish, choose small, docile schooling fish like Zebra Danios or Tetras. Avoid aggressive fish like Tiger Barbs, as they can provoke your Betta. Keeping only one male Blue Betta Fish per tank is advisable to prevent territorial disputes.

Breeding Blue Betta Fish

Breeding Blue Betta Fish can be a rewarding experience for those looking to expand their aquarium hobby.

To start, you'll need a separate breeding tank with controlled water conditions, including a stable temperature around 78-80°F (25-27°C).

Introduce a harmonious duo of Betta fish, consisting of a male and a female and provide plenty of hiding spots using live or artificial plants.

The male will build a bubble nest at the water's surface, and once it's complete, the female will lay her eggs, and the male will fertilize them.

Afterward, it's crucial to remove the female to prevent aggression from the male. The male will diligently guard the nest and tend to the fry once they hatch.

Raising Betta fry requires patience and attention to detail, as they initially feed on microscopic organisms like infusoria before transitioning to more substantial foods.


Betta Siamese fish, are captivating additions to the aquarium world. With their stunning blue hues and unique personalities, they have won the hearts of aquarists worldwide.

By following the care guidelines mentioned in this comprehensive guide, you can ensure the health and happiness of your Blue Betta Fish, allowing them to thrive in your aquatic sanctuary.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, the Blue Betta Fish is a delightful choice that brings elegance and charm to any aquarium.

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